Who is behind it?


a) Hans Matt

CEO/Director of Phenacron B.V.

Developer of the Micro-Nutrient Activation.

Born in 1953, married to Bettina Matt, Son Patrick.

Chemist, business man and graduated Judo trainer.

1976: Founding his first company for the production of dietary supplements for competitive athletes in Austria.

1981: Founding SPORTSLINE GmbH for the production of dietary supplements for competitive athletes in Germany.

1997: Founding of Goldfield B.V. in the Netherlands.

2010: Founding of Phenacron B.V.

Motto: "All those who are unhappy are, because they have sought their own happiness. All those who are happy are, because they have sought the happiness of others."

b) Patrick Matt

Production Manager.

Born in 1975, not married.

Training as a chemical laboratory assistant at Bayer Uerdingen, additional training and specialization in aromatization (Silesia), tablet and capsule production (Tarafood), and various food technologies.

Patrick Matt is in charge of the production of the Micro Vital Substance Activation and active ingredients as well as the production of powders and liquids in the field of food supplements.

Motto: "In the end, everything will be fine. If it is not fine, it is not the end, yet."

c) Christian Waldrich

Graduate in Business Administration (DH - (Cooperative University)), General Manager

Christian Waldrich supports the directorate in all matters of marketing and export.

His motto: "Carpe diem!"

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