The Micro-Nutrient Activation


The Micro-Nutrient Activation was developed by Hans Matt, founder, owner
and CEO of Phenacron B.V.

The 4 basic principles are: 

  1. 1.Extract production

  2. 2.Micronization

  3. 3.Biophysical activation

  4. 4.Efficiency enhancement

In the Micro-Nutrient Activation the raw and active substances used are first purified, isolated and separated into their basic materials (pulverized). The micronization of the pulverized active ingredients is then achieved by a unique process using a special particle technology. Following the micronization, the complex process step of "biophysical activation" of the active substances is then achieved by applying a special particle technology. Here, the biologically active ingredient molecules are bonded to mostly mineral and/or organic substances. By means of this micronization and bonding of the active ingredient particles a particularly large surface is created, which can then be up to 180 m² per gram. This leads to a significant improvement of the bio-availability and absorption of the active substances in the body.

The special advantages:

  1. Even smallest amounts of active ingredients are sufficient

  2. High efficiency

  3. Extremely fast absorption in the small intestine

  4. Noticeable effects already setting in after approximately 15 minutes

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