Development & Production of Special Raw Materials


The targeted use of natural active substances to improve performance and health in humans and animals has a long tradition. For example, for thousands of years herbs, spices and other natural substances have been used as additives to foods, beverages and for medical applications.

Phenacron B.V. uses this traditional knowledge, e.g. also from the ancient Ayurvedic scriptures, to enhance the effects of the ingredients using its specially invented "Micro Vital Substance Activation". From this we develop worldwide unique "Special Raw Materials" (functional additives) which feature a very wide range of effects due to "biophysical activation". The advantage of this is that even tiny amounts have a great effect and thus the price/performance ratio is unmatched. Phenacron B.V. has a portfolio available of more than 100 special additives for human use.

Modern research to benefit your customers!

The current research projects focus on the continuous further development of existing functional additives and the possibilities of their applications in various areas. In addition, we are experimenting intensively with promising substances which are biophysically optimized, applying our specialized technological capabilities.

Effective functional additives for lucrative markets!

Which industry are you active in? Dietary supplements, dietetic products, functional foods, pharmaceuticals  & health? With our functional additives you will produce effective products for lucrative markets. All these special raw materials can easily be incorporated in pills, capsules, coated tablets, granules, powders, bars, cereals, gels, beverages, etc.

For example for:

Weight control, mood lightening, mental fitness, nervousness, digestion, the immune system, diabetes, performance improvement, nutrition for athletes, potency enhancement, sexual satisfaction, joints, anti ageing, etc.

Phenacron is the partner of innovative companies!

Every company which uses Phenacron functional additive has verifiably increased its sales, profits and customer satisfaction. Benefit from our worldwide unique know-how, too.

What you can expect from us:

1. Worldwide unique functional additives for many industries.

2. Counseling and support with your product development.

3. Order research and development for individual solutions.

4. Argumentative support with „Health-Claims“.

Unrivalled price/performance ratio!

The advantage of the Phenacron functional additives is the low dosage (e.g. from as little as 10 mg per day), plus their very high efficiency. This guarantees an unrivalled price/performance ratio.

A good tip: Talk to us!

You can combine all Phenacron functional additives in a multitude of ways and customize them to your product requirements. Take advantage of these opportunities to boost your advantage in your market. We will be happy to help. Just call or write to us with your wishes and questions! (Email or Fax will suffice).

The main fields of application for our functional additives are:

  1. -Dietary supplements

  2. -Dietary products

  3. -Sports products

  4. -Orthomolecular products

  5. -Natural remedies

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