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Since 1976 Hans J. Matt, the owner of Phenacron B.V., has developed more than 1,000 products worldwide, also for world famous companies. We will be happy to make this 40 years of know-how available to you. Of course, confidentiality and the keeping of company secrets are ensured.

Dietary supplements, for example!

Dietary supplements are used to provide the body with an additional supply with special nutritional, supportive and vital substances. Legally this group is regulated by EU Directive 2002/46/EC within EU legislation. Accordingly the "Food Supplement Directive“ a food item is classified as a dietary supplement which: 

  1. intended to supplement the general diet,

  2. 2.constitutes a concentrate of nutrients or other substances having a specific nutritional or physiological effect, either solely or in combination and

  3. put in circulation in dosage form, particularly in the form of capsules, pastilles, tablets, pills, effervescent tablets or other similar dosage forms, powder bags, liquid phials, bottles with dropping inserts and similar dosage forms of liquids and powders for ingestion in measured small amounts.

With the Phenacron functional additives dietary supplements, as well as dietetic foods, can be optimized for the following areas of application:

1. Weight control

2. Appetite suppressing

3. Mood lightening

4. Nervousness

5. Mental fitness

6. Digestion

7. Immune system

8. Performance increase in sports

9. Joints / mobility

10. Sexual satisfaction

11. Cosmetic food supplements  ("Beauty from within")

12. Support for muscle building

Functional foods, for example!

With Phenacron additives foods can be provided with the additional benefits below:

1. Support of digestion

2. Stimulation of the immune system

3. Mood lightening

4. Health effects

5. Quieting & stimulating effects

6. Appetite suppression

7. Boosting the energy metabolism

Medicine & health, for example!

The following indications and fields of application can be supported with Phenacron functional additives:

1. Immune system

2. Allergies

3. Inflammation

4. Diabetes

5. Joint functions

6. Muscle building

The decades of Hans J. Matt's development experience encompass product formulations in the following areas:

- Powders

- Tablets

- Capsules

- Ampoules

- Liquid products

- Portion bags

- Gels

Unrivalled price/performance ratio!

The advantage of the Phenacron functional additives is the low dosage (e.g. from as little as 10 mg per day), plus their very high efficiency. This guarantees an unrivalled price/performance ratio.

A good tip: Talk to us!

You can combine all Phenacron functional additives in a multitude of ways and customize them to your product requirements. Take advantage of these opportunities to boost your advantage in your market. We will be happy to help. Just call or write to us with your wishes and questions! (Email or Fax will suffice).

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